Baby Massage & Yoga

The little ritual of practising baby massage through nurturing touch creates a loving bond and deep connection between parent and child.

The Nurture Baby Oil Range

Organic + Pure. For precious new skin.

Complimentary Consultation

 Complimentary 15-minute phone chat with baby massage educator Holly.

Baby massage and yoga brisbane

Meet Holly

About The Founder

“I believe that if a child has a loving and nurturing connection with their caregiver, they will grow up to be healthy and happy. One of the most beautiful ways of showing love to another person is through the nurturing touch of massaging babies during these early, impressionable points in their lives.”

Baby massage and yoga brisbane

Baby Massage & Yoga


Discover the magic of nurturing touch

Massage is an ancient art and has been used as a healing practice for thousands of years. Our goal at The Little Rituals is to educate parents, caregivers and professionals on the most recent and up to date information on safe and effective massage techniques. It is our passion to encourage the use of baby massage & yoga to enrich these early years, creating healthy beginnings.

Baby massage Brisbane


Join us for a supportive and uplifting experience in our 1.5 hour ‘Introduction to Infant Massage Workshop’

Baby massage Brisbane

Parent Classes

Our supportive and uplifting classes offer an opportunity to connect with other like-minded parents while learning the magic of baby massage.

Baby massage Brisbane

Private Sessions

For mothers, parents and carers who would prefer a more intimate experience. Our private sessions are tailored for your specific needs.

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